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 =====The Vacant Chair===== =====The Vacant Chair=====
 +{{:​crowder_01.jpg?​500|}} ​
 +Above Photo: Catherine Crowder
  ​{{:​tnk0n9mkvx.jpg|}}  ​{{:​tnk0n9mkvx.jpg|}}
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 —Vince —Vince
 ====In Remembrance:​==== ====In Remembrance:​====
-====First Officer Charles L. Young====+====First Officer Charles L. Young Sr.====
 {{:​charles_l._young.jpg?​600|}} {{:​charles_l._young.jpg?​600|}}
-First Officer Charles L. Young flew for Capital Airlines and United Airlines.  +First Officer Charles L. Young Sr. flew for Capital Airlines and United Airlines.  
-In the Korean War, he was a pilot on the B-26.+In the Korean War, he was a pilot In the United States Air Force and flew the B-26 bomber. 
 +The above picture of a Capitol Air Lines Viscount 745D was recently contributed by Charles Young Jr., after finding it among his father'​s possessions.
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