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Several months ago, I was able to locate the long searched for transcripts of the Knoxville Public Hearings that the Civil Aeronautics Board conducted in January of 1965. These transcripts, as well as the transcripts of the deposition that took place in Washington D.C. in November 1965, also conducted by the CAB, total over one thousand pages.

The process of obtaining copies was a slow one, as I was only able to procure one hundred and fifty pages per order from my source.

I have read the material.

Besides testimony, there are numerous references to exhibits that were introduced as evidence during both the Public Hearings and the Depositions. The exhibits total thousands more pages of evidence.

There is hesitation, on my part, to reveal much at this moment about my findings; except to say that there has been nothing found in the transcripts that has caused me to change my mind that malfunctioning batteries were the cause of the crash.

There were several mentions made of the gallon can of paint modifier during the hearings and one additional clue was revealed: The crushed can, with label intact, still held its contents.

Many thanks to the individual who, with a stroke of good luck, helped me to locate these documents and thanks to those who had a hand in doing the tedious work involved in making copies and sending them to me.

Tom Dier Greeneville, TN August 23, 2015

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