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Note: Information that pertains to individual persons will be added as it becomes available.


Mrs. R. Anderson

Master R. Anderson

Miss N. Anderson, 6 years old

Miss Linda Baker

J.M. Burroughs

Mrs. M. Chestney

Mr. R. Cramer

Dr. Melton Cross, School of Medicine, State University of New York, Buffalo, New York

B.E. Crowder

Mr. Durant da Ponte University of Tennessee

Mr. S. Ford

Dr. P.H. Geisler, Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Author

Mr. R. Hall

M.H. Hall

Master R. Harper, 4 years old

Mrs. R. Harper

Mr. R. Hanger

Mr. P. Hester

Mr. J. Hoddins

Dr. R.H. Levin, Senior Investigator, Medicine Branch, National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland. Author

Dr. Alfred Leitner, Harvard Medical School Harvard Crimson Death Notice

Mr. G. Loupole

Mr. J. McHale

F. O'Brien

Mr. S. Orleans

Mr. P. Pohl

Mrs. P. Pohl

Mrs. E. Richardson

P. Roark

S. Roeschen

Al Shaffer

Mr. H. Taylor

Mr. S. Tosca

Mr. W. Whittaker

Mr. R. Stuart


Captain Oliver E. Sabatke, Age 41, Washington, D.C. Gravesite: Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington Virginia.

First Officer Charles L. Young, Age 37, Baltimore, Maryland

Stewardess Carole L. Berndt, Age 21, Youngstown, Ohio

Stewardess Virginia K. Vollmer, Age 22, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The Minutes_Prior_To_Crash

United Flight 823

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