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Situation Report

A major concern of mine is that readers have spent time, for the past several months, opening this site only to find there have been no recent entries. There is a reason.

As previously mentioned, I have been in the process of receiving and studying the transcripts of the January, 1965 Public Hearing in Knoxville and many of the exhibits that were referenced during those hearings. The first documents I received were depositions taken in November, 1965 in Washington. D.C.

Throughout the past four years, I have made an effort to determine the cause of the in-flight fire that brought down United Flight 823. The documents contain a great deal of new information that has served to convince me that I am on the right track.

Once I began to receive the aforementioned information, it did not take me long to reach the decision that my efforts are best served by writing a book on this topic.

The thousands of pages of documents which I have in my possession have been extremely useful, especially as new details cause me to look at things in a different and sometimes better light. I continue to learn.

Establishing the timeline for the last several minutes of the flight has always presented the most difficulty. However, the testimonies by witnesses on the ground who observed Flight 823 on July 9, 1964; as well as testimony given by commercial and test pilots, mechanics, baggage handlers, scientists, engineers familiar with the different aircraft components, air traffic controllers, and many others, have served to narrow down those final moments.

If nothing further is accomplished during the coming months, it can safely be said that no one (outside of the United States Government) has in their possession the amount of data that I have been able to procure.

If nothing else is accomplished by my efforts, I can safely say that some day a local museum or library will receive all that I have been able to gather. In that way some other person or persons will have the opportunity to study the events of July 9, 1964 and make their own decisions.

In conclusion, I wish to let interested readers know that my efforts have been ongoing and my interest is as strong as it ever has been.

Thank you for your interest.


Tom Dier

Greeneville, Tennessee

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