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The Introduction:

The purpose of this website is to provide information regarding the crash of United Flight 823 that occurred on July 9, 1964 near Parrottsville, Tennessee, USA.

Thirty-four passengers and four crew members were aboard the Vickers Viscount 745D, registration N7405, when it crashed. One man died as a result of jumping from the aircraft shortly before the crash, making a total death toll of thirty-nine people.

While the cause of the crash has been attributed to an inflight cabin fire, the exact cause of the fire has never been determined.

There is sparse information regarding the crash of United Flight 823 available on the Internet. Several conclusions that have been reached are based on speculation, in my opinion. One of my goals is to show how these speculative conclusions may have been reached.

I will present information from interviews with witnesses who either observed the aircraft while in flight or who participated in the recovery during the aftermath of the crash. Other sources of information will come from newspaper accounts and from official reports made by various companies or United States Government agencies.

Some information on this site may appear to be tedious or uninteresting. I suggest that what seems ordinary may provide a valuable clue to a future researcher intent on determining the cause of the fire and the subsequent crash.

In conclusion, I wish to dedicate this undertaking to those who lost their lives on United Flight 823 and to their families who experienced unspeakable grief on that day. 10 March 2012

The Last Flight of United Airlines 823, by Tom Dier

The Anatomy Of An Investigation

United Flight 823

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